Nothing is chance in the world. Everything has a purpose.

Life teaches us lessons every second.

Nothing is accidental, incidental or coincidental!

Whatever happens to us has a well-defined purpose.

It is our choice how and what we want to see, what we think and how we will do things in the future.
We can choose to avoid or omit to see something other than that everything is an error of the Universe.

Usually we choose the version that we like, that matches with the mood of that moment and the degree of our presence in our own existence.

We can choose to see signs and signals everywhere, even those that are not ours.

We can understand the messages, or we can interpret them so that they adapt to our ego.

Or we can simply keep silent and look at what’s happening to us.

As usual, everything is a choice.

Instead of choosing to be upset about life, people, situations, the system, would we not have more to gain if we were to learn from what’s happening to us?

Anger, despair, disappointment, fear, are energy-consuming, occupying so much space in the human mind that they block access to consciousness, to any “voice” of reason.

Let’s imagine we made an uninspired decision, and its consequences have been very unpleasant.

Instead of waiting to see where we went wrong, why, when, and how, in order not to repeat the situation, we find ourselves invaded by anger, regret, sorrow, conscience that we not only do not stop, but we start feeding, amplifying them until they get so big that they block us from seeing something else.

As if an obstacle suddenly appeared in front of us that the eyes can not see beyond.
And instead of bypassing it, avoiding it, finding another way, we stop and weep for the misfortune that has fallen on us, turning our life into a plunder.

The choice of reaction and behavior to these emerged problems belongs to us.

Everything in life happens for a purpose: to learn to become better, so that we can also teach others, to guide them when they face obstacles (apparently) unimaginable of life.

Nothing happens to make us feel miserable, victims or losers of fate, life, or the universe.

Things do not happen with special dedication to us from karma. It would be better to stop believing we are so special that everything happens to us.

Nothing happens to us without us having generated that situation through decisions taken over the years.

If we keep on believing that we have no guilt for what has happened to us, we will be surrounded by willful obstacles that will prevent us from making optimal decisions for our development as people.

And if we do not stop to see where and what we’ve done wrong, we will draw in our lives despair, hatred and contempt for life.

And from this state, how will we make decisions for the future?

Calm cannot come from anger; despair is not wisdom.

Regrets do not generate well-being and openness to the future; reprimands will not lead to inspirational choices.

From negative states only negative experiences result, and the judgments can only be the same.

But if we use the wisdom we’re supposed to have, we can stop the expansion of fury and regrets by sitting and analyzing the situations and dissolving pessimism.

Accepting past situations, emotions and gestures behind them leads to the annihilation of those experiences, the resolution and acceptance of unpleasant situations, and the dissolution of those obstacles that have blocked a clear vision of the future.

This is the only way to learn from experiences, not to accumulate despair, dissatisfaction, contempt for life, for ourselves, or to blame everything else for our misery.

Everything in life happens with a purpose: learning the lesson of accepting and moving on, despite the real or imagined obstacles that we encounter on the path of life.

We can choose between wasting time and energy with unnecessary fury, which does not solve anything, or see what the lesson is and why it has been placed in our path.

Whatever happens to us has a well-defined purpose.

Nothing is accidental, incidental or coincidental. It’s just life that teaches us lessons every second.