The selected rose carries an important message and knows the answer when your wish is fulfilled.

Rose for good luck for you! Many love this beautiful and one of the most popular flowers in the world. It is, of course, about the rose.

Roses have always been considered a special flower. In ancient times, these beautiful flowers were given a sacred meaning. It was believed that a gift from the heart of the rose will bring good luck and happiness.

Also on the roses they guessed and gave important meaning to the color of the flower. Depending on the color, a rose was given for good luck, for health, for wish fulfillment … And good wishes came true.

There are also many signs of superstition associated with roses. Of course, not all signs should be believed.

Today we invite you to take a truly special test. All you need to do is make a wish and choose the flower you like. You can choose just a rose of your favorite color, or by closing your eyes and choose at random.

The selected rose carries an important message and knows the answer when your wish is fulfilled. Check?

So, look at the roses:

If you liked the red rose

you liked the rose of love and passion. Without a doubt, you are very sensual and passionate nature, although outwardly you can not show it.

For those whom you love, you are ready to make many sacrifices. Do not like to do something half-hearted, like to receive everything at once.

Your desire will be fulfilled, but not so and not then, as you yourself planned.

If you liked the yellow rose

you liked the rose that carries change. Finally, the complex business that worries you will get off the ground. For you a lot of opportunities in the present tense Many ways. New life span.

You are lucky in life, however, in a short time you can hope for more.

If you liked the white rose

you liked the rose of tenderness and kindness. Inside you are a very sensitive and vulnerable person, although not everyone knows about it.

You are easy to offend and also easy to please. You always remain young, such a soul as you do not age. Previously, you easily trusted people, but burned.

Your desire will be fulfilled faster than you expect. The only thing you need to do is show perseverance and believe in yourself.

If you liked the purple rose.

It is not clear, this amazing flower has chosen it – or did he choose you. You are one of those who look at the world differently.

You are an incredible person who has overcome a lot. You have many talents that are waved and very in vain. You can also “see” the future, you have a very strong intuition. Trust her more.

Fulfillment of your desire depends on how you look at life (drop excess pessimism). You decide whether the thought comes true or not.

If you liked the pink rose,

you liked the rose of lightness and positive. You yourself are a very easy and positive person. Near you is always good, light and cozy. Many seek to be with you near. Without knowing it, you can heal souls.

Your wish will come true, however, not as fast as you want. Wait, it takes time for the circumstances to come together as needed.