10 Funny Pictures Of Babies Who Resemble Popular Celebrities

As a rule, kids look a lot like their parents. However, sometimes, gazing at photos of adorable children, it’s difficult not to notice just how much they look like popular celebrities from the covers of glossy magazines.

So, here are some incredible babies who resemble world-famous actors, singers, and entertainers!

This two-year-old girl looks just like Ed Sheeran

Damn, it is Gandalf himself!

As a child, my friend resembled Mrs. Doubtfire.

The mom of this little boy must have only watched movies with Danny DeVito.

This is Jay Z, in person! Or is it?

My son looks just like Vin Diesel.

This adorable girl is the spitting image of Jamie Oliver.

And this toddler looks suspiciously like Kevin from The Office.

Could this child and Gordon Ramsay be somehow related?

My nephew resembles the Grammy-award winner John Legend way too much.

What do you think?